Summer Tennis Academy

As of August 2018, the 2018 Season Children’s Tennis Academy at Miraflores Tennis Club is approaching its end.  It’s been a fantastic time for all and we would like to thank everyone involved for an excellent year!

It’s been a great opportunity to get the kids doing something fun and active, in the hands of professional tennis coaches, while parents get to chill with a drink on the terrace!

Interested? We’already take bookings for 2019!

It’s a great place to get your kids involved in tennis!  All ages are welcome, with classes and coaches grading each child and placing them accordingly.

Miraflores Tennis Club Children’s Academy Summer 2018

Summer Tennis Academy

Monday to Friday, 10am until Midday

The cost is 85.00€per child for the week (5 x 2 hour sessions) and the lucky winners will receive both a certificate and prize!!  Or €18 per day.

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Please give us a few details of your booking, including the ages and skills of the children. Thanks!


The Tennis Academy at Miraflores Tennis Club is suitable for children between 4 and 16 years old.  We assess the playing level of each child to make sure he or she is matched against a fair opponent.

The goal is that your children learn tennis through controlling the ball so they can play themselves from very early ages. We use proper mini tennis material like starter balls and mini nets.

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Miraflores Tennis Club: Summer Tennis Academy
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