Padel Courts

Two perfect padel courts, available for casual games at Miraflores Tennis Club.  If the fast-paced padel is your preference, we can offer you a great game, or two, in welcoming surroundings.

Two Immaculate Padel Courts at Miraflores Tennis Club, Mijas Costa, Spain.
Two Immaculate Padel Courts at Miraflores Tennis Club, Mijas Costa, Spain.

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Padel Courts

Open from 8.30am every day for games or coffee & breakfast in the restaurant, Miraflores Tennis Club is a casual padel & tennis club, open to members and non-members alike, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Already popular and well-attended, we are a great place for ‘mix-in’ padel games – find new opponents, make new friends!

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Adult coaches cost €42.00 per hour and children's coaches €21.00. Tell us as much as you can below and we'll organise the details and let you know, along with a final cost.

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new to padel?

What is Padel?

The fastest growing sport

a tennis-squash hybrid that’s superseded tennis as Spain’s second-most popular sport

fast-paced game

Played using over-sized ping-pong paddles on what is effectively a miniature tennis court surrounded by squash-like walls, it’s widely considered to be the fastest growing sport in the world.

It’s played with four people, and the court is much smaller so it’s easier to chat between points.

We’ve actually seen a massive expansion in padel courts in Europe over the past year or two,” he continues. “They’ve opened about 90 courts in Sweden. There were none 18 months ago. And then Henri Leconte, who is a famous ex-tennis player, opened 12 clubs in France recently”.

  • Padel matches are very similar to tennis and with the same ball, but with a stringless racket. It’s most commonly played in doubles, too.
  • The court is ideally a rectangle 10m wide and 20m long, halved by a net and enclosed by 3m-high walls. Painted on are service lines.
  • All serves are underarm, and must be played at or below waist level. Walls are part of the game, but other than that the scoring methods are the same as in tennis – including the denominations 15/0, 30/0 and so on.
  • The ball can be hit as a volley, on the bounce or after hitting the wall. It can only be hit once before crossing the net again.








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